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tuberous breast

tuberous breast

Tuberous breasts (or tubular breasts) are a result of an abnormality of the breasts that can occur in both men and women in one breast or both. During puberty breast development is hindered and the breasts fail to develop normally and fully.

Tuberous breasts are not just small breasts. Instead, they often have constricted tissue that needs to be surgically corrected. This is why it’s important to see a surgeon that is specifically experienced in tuberous breast correction. Our surgeons correct tuberous breasts with a breast augmentation. See breast augmentation page for more information.


We have worked hard to be able to offer an affordable price so patients do not feel pressured to visit under qualified practices or destination surgery. 

Our tuberous breast surgery includes surgeons fee, hospital fee, general anaesthetic costs, compression garments and lifetime follow up care.

Tuberous breasts
Please see breast augmentation page

how to i know if i have tuberous breasts ?

Many women are unaware they have Tuberous Breasts. Some women may have noticed that their breast shape is irregular, but are unaware of the underlying condition and how or why this has occurred.

Common signs you may have Tuberous Breasts:

Treatment for tuberous breasts ?

It is important to understand that tuberous breasts do not cause any health concerns for patients, however some patients may have some problems with breast-feeding due to insufficient glandular tissue.

If patients are looking to change the appearance of their breasts they may seek the advise of a Plastic Surgeon to change the appearance of their breasts. At this stage the only treatment for tuberous breasts is cosmetic surgery. Dr Wessels regularly operates on patients with tuberous breasts. The most common treatment is a breast augmentation. Dr Wessels uses and implant to shape the breast to a more desirable appearance. Fat grafting may be required and an areola reduction is performed during the surgery.

Please see breast augmentation page for further information about this procedure.

What are the risks ?

Tuberous Breast correction is a more complicated breast procedure than a standard breast augmentation. There is no guarantee that your tuberous breasts can be completely corrected, however they will be improved.

Asked Questions

We regularly get asked about our procedures, so we have put together a couple of questions we get asked on a regular basis.

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Yes, in some cases this surgery is considered a medical procedure so your private health insurance may cover your hospital costs.

In some cases, Medicare rebates are available on this procedure.

Dr Wessels performs a number of superficial burns to the areola during a breast augmentation surgery. These burns create a reaction to stimulate new collagen and tighten the surrounding tissue.

No, we do not charge patients anything extra top treat tuberous breasts. They come under our standard breast augmentation pricing.

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