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Brow Lift

Brow lift

Brow lifts can be used to help reduce the appearance of ageing associated with forehead wrinkles, crows feet and deep wrinkles. Sagging of the eyebrows can also be reduced, helping to alleviate an angry, tired, aged or sad appearance.


Browlift surgery can elevate the brow, smooth out wrinkles on the forehead and lessen the appearance of frown lines that can occur between the eyes near the nose.


After a thorough assessment is made during the consultation a copy for the estimation can be given.

The surgery

Brow lift procedures can be performed in multiple ways, with your hairline and eyebrow positions sometimes being a factor on which procedures will work best. Brow lifts are performed under general anaesthetic.


A traditional brow lift involves an incision being made behind the hairline across the top of the head from temple to temple. Excess tissue under the skin can be removed, and small muscles that create wrinkles can be weakened or removed.


The surgeon will then elevate the eyebrows and fix them to a higher position. The skin on the forehead is also pulled upward, with excess skin being trimmed back, helping to tighten the forehead skin.


An endoscopic brow lift involves a thin instrument with a tiny video camera being passed through an incision and being positioned close to the brow. The forehead skin is then released from the underlying bone and moved upward. Sutures are then laid to help lift the brow.

What are the risks ?

There are some risks with all procedures, most of which people undergoing brow lift surgery will not experience. This can include pain or discomfort around the incisions, bleeding, infection or bruising and swelling. Other risks include loss of sensation or numbness around the treated area, feelings of tightness, temporary or permanent hair loss around the incisions or itching, and facial nerve injury.


If you have any concerns regarding the possibility of complications, be sure to discuss them with your surgeon.

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