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Neck Lift

Neck Lift

A neck lift is a procedure that reduces the signs of ageing and weight loss, helping to remove excess fat, double chins, reduce the appearance of jowls, define the jawline and reduce the appearance that muscle cords can have along the length of the neck. The platysma, a broad sheet of muscle that defines the beck and jaw is generally the area being operated on during a neck lift procedure.


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The surgery

The procedure performed generally depends on the muscle tone, body fat and skin elasticity around the neck area. The procedure is normally performed under general anaesthetic and takes around 4 hours.


Depending on the desired outcome, different neck lift procedures may be performed during one operation, which can take anywhere from one to three hours. The incisions made during the procedure are generally made in the skin’s natural folds, helping to reduce the visibility of scars.


During a neck lift, an incision may be made under the skin, with the surgeon moving separated bands of muscle in the platysma from one side of the neck to the other, helping to improve the shape of the neck by rejoining the bands of muscle.


A sagging neck can be alleviated with the platysma being drawn toward the jawline and trimmed, helping to reduce the appearance of a “turkey gobbler”. Stay sutures can also be placed at the midline of the neck and secured behind the ears, helping to define the jawline.


Incisions can also be made behind or below each ear and the chin, with loose skin being drawn toward the jaw, with excess skin and fat being trimmed. Liposuction can also be performed to treat the appearance of jowls and double chins by making an incision below the chin or behind the ear lobe, removing unwanted fatty tissue.


Additionally, liposuction can be performed to sculpt the chin & jaw region by removing unwanted fat through small incisions below the ears.

What are the risks ?

All procedures have risks associated with them. You may experience bleeding at incision sites following the procedure, infection, tingling sensations around the neck, localised numbness, tightness and general swelling and pain, all which should resolve within a few weeks. Facial nerve injury may also be sustained during a neck lift.


If you are concerned about possible complications associated with your procedure, ensure you discuss them with your surgeon.

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