Non-Surgical Procedure

Mole/ skin tag/ wart removal

mole/ skin tag/ wart removal

Up until recently, surgical excision and stitching along with cryotherapy was the only technique available for removing skin lesions. These techniques often leave patients scars worse than the lesions they remove.


Using the our plasma low frequency device, we can now treat a whole spectrum of benign skin lesions, without any cutting or stitching, in as little as a few seconds per lesion. This includes:


  • Raised Moles (dark as well as colourless)
  • Flat Moles and freckles
  • Skin tags
  • Seborrhoeic Keratosis (Age Warts)
  • Warts (not viral warts)
  • Syringomas (small bumps around eyes)
  • Enlarged Areolar (nipple area) glands
  • Tongue papillae
  • Eyelid Cyst
  • Milia, Vaginal Moles and Skin Tags


Important: it is very important that all lesions are checked by a GP skin specialist prior to having them removed by One Cosmetic. Removing lesions can make cancers harder to find.


We have worked hard to be able to offer an affordable price so patients do feel pressured to visit under qualified practices or destination surgery.

Mole/ Skin tag/ Wart Removal
First mole
Every more after in the same treatment session

Medicare rebate is available if a referral is brought to the initial consultation.

The Procedure

The lesion is numbed using high-strength numbing cream. For larger moles, this is followed by a local anaesthetic injection using a very small needle. Once the area is numb, the procedure is virtually painless.


The low frequency device gently evaporates away the mole. There is usually no bleeding associated and since the skin is not cut there is no suturing required.


99% of cases heal without any scarring or discolouration. 

Can they grow back?

Majority of raised skin lesions such as moles and skin tags do not grow back once they are removed. However, some do grow back occasionally (less than 5%). This is because the human body has the ability to regenerate tissue.


It is impossible  to predict as to which moles or skin tags will grow back. A touch-up treatment can easily be performed to fix any recurring moles. 


Note: Touch-up treatments for mole or skin tag removal are not free. We will inform you at the time of your treatment of any costs associated with future touch-ups in case you need them down the track. 


There is a possibility that some scarring may occur. However, 99% of cases tend to heal without any scarring or discolouration.


The treated mole will be red/ swollen for 72 hours following treatment. It will eventually form a scab over the area. The body will heal the area as it would with any other scratch or mark. The treatment lesion can take up to 4 months to completely heal and skin tone to be back to as it was before.

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