Non-Surgical Procedure

derma fillers

derma fillers

At One Cosmetic, our doctors and nurses combine their aesthetic sense, advanced training, and experience with fillers to create a refreshed and rested appearance that our patients love. Dermal fillers are made of a soft gel that feels natural and smooth. They can ease lines and wrinkles, and give more volume to lips, cheeks or the outlines of the face. They can also be used to create a balanced profile.

The treatment

At any dermal filler procedure, your comfort is our priority, therefore we use a topical anaesthetic or local anaesthetic to minimise discomfort. The procedure involves injecting a smooth gel (HA) under the skin into the desired areas. You will see instant result after treatment, however results will improve as swelling settles.


The treatment session itself takes only a few minutes, depending on the number of injections needed, and you can return to your normal activities immediately following the procedure.


Dermal Fillers
Lips 0.5ml
Lips 1ml
$450 - $600
Facial Filler -Thin
Facial Filler - Medium
Facial Filler - Thick
Tear Trough
Non- Surgical Rhinoplasty


The longevity of dermal filler results varies depending on the product used and the area treated. Most fillers last between 9 months and 2 years. Filler works very well in combination with other anti ageing modalities provided within the clinic

Post Treatment

Following your dermal filler treatment we advised that you follow the instructions below to minimise unwanted side effects.

  • Redness, swelling and mild itching on or around the injection site generally resolves within 1-2 days although we recomend you allow a full 2 weeks for resolution.
  • Lip treatments can take longer to settle. If any other reaction occurs or you have concerns please contact our team.
  • As with all injecting procedures there is a high risk of bruising on or around the injection site. Taking aspirin or fish oils may increase this risk.
  • Discomfort and tenderness may follow the treatment.
  • You will need to avoid excessive alcohol and exercise for the first 48 hours following your treatment.
  • You can continue with your normal skincare routine.
  • Avoid wearing make up for the first 12 hours after treatment.
  • Refrain from massage unless discussed prior with your clinician.
  • Do not expose the areas to extreme heat, this include sunbathing or solariums.
  • Multiple treatments may be required to achieve desired results, a treatment plan will be created during you initial consultation.
  • In some cases a follow up appointment may be required to review results posy injection.
  • If you are ever concerned with results or the side effects please contact our team.

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