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Tuberous Breast

Tuberous Breast


Tuberous breast are a breast type, which develops during puberty. There are no medical implications caused by tubular breast shapes, therefore no need to be alarmed if this post relates to you!

Tubular breasts, also known as tuberous breasts, are a more prevalent condition than one might realise. Individuals grappling with this condition often choose corrective surgery as a means to enhance or change their breast shape. Surgery not only addresses the tubular appearance but also offers the potential for a more rounded and aesthetically pleasing breast shape.

For those considering tuberous breast correction surgery, here’s a comprehensive guide covering everything you need to know about this transformative procedure.

What are tuberous breasts?


The development of tuberous breasts is attributed to the accumulation of collagen-rich fibers around the nipple area. Typically becoming apparent during puberty, these breasts exhibit limited growth or insufficient breast tissue, resulting in an abnormal development of their shape, often resembling a cone-like structure.

The manifestation of tuberous or tubular breasts varies from person to person. In some cases, only one breast is affected, leading to breast asymmetry, characterised by uneven shape and/or size. Conversely, others may experience tuberous characteristics in both breasts.

The severity of this condition can range from mild to severe, and individuals may have differing levels of concern about their breast shape. While some are unaffected and comfortable with their appearance, others explore the option of corrective surgery to achieve a more rounded and aesthetically pleasing look.

Tuberous breast surgery


Most patients with tuberous breasts look towards breast augmentation surgery, breast lift surgery or a combination of both.

Various breast augmentation techniques are available for addressing tubular breasts, tailored to the patient’s desired look and existing breast tissue.

The most common approach involves breast enlargement through the insertion of implants, evening out the shape and creating a rounded appearance as opposed to the characteristic cone-like shape associated with tuberous breasts. This procedure also allows the cosmetic surgeon to reduce the size of the areola and realign the nipple, contributing to a more symmetrical shape.

Additionally, breast implants can be combined with a breast uplift to further enhance the overall shape, promoting a more youthful aesthetic. It’s crucial to emphasise that tuberous breasts, while not a cause for concern, lead many individuals to opt for cosmetic surgery to achieve greater symmetry in their breast tissue.

Beyond addressing cosmetic concerns, tubular breast correction surgery offers a range of benefits capable of significantly transforming a patient’s life.

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