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Katie’s Breast Augmentation

Katie’s Breast Augmentation

Why I decided to have breast augmentation surgery
I was always insecure about the size of my breasts. I would always go back and forth about having surgery and not. Then I started working at One Cosmetic and seeing all the amazing results achieved by Dr Wessels and the team I was convinced it was something I wanted to do and thought it was the perfect time.


Booking my procedure
I had my consultation with Dr Wessels in December 2022, he suggested what he thought would be best for me and my body shape and we looked at implants through the 3D vectra system. After this was I set on going ahead and booked my surgery for late March 2023.


Surgery Experience 
The day of the procedure came around so quickly. I was feeling a little nervous however the whole process was so smooth and easy. I went ahead with Motiva Demi Ergonmix Implants. I did have a significant asymmetry and therefore chose a size 320CC and 360CC.


Recovery was much easier than I expected. Of course I did experience some pain however staying on top of pain medication and taking it when it is due really does help. For the first few days even if the pain wasn’t severe I kept on top of the medication to avoid any breakthrough pain. I ensured that I used ice packs intermittently to help reduce swelling and also purchased a pillow that assisted me in sleeping elevated.


How I Feel Post Surgery
I instantly was obsessed with the results! I’m super happy with the size and profile I think they are in perfect proportion with my body. The implants are starting to feel more like me and more apart of my body. The incisions are looking great and healing so well. Overall I couldn’t be happier with the whole process.


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