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Rhinoplasties involve the reshaping of the nose. They can be utilised to decrease or increase size, change the shape of the nose bridge and tip, increase or decrease the size of nostrils, reduce asymmetry or remove humps. Rhinoplasties are also useful for improving breathing through the nose, as well as repair any damage due to injury or illness.


Our Rhinoplasty surgery includes surgeons fee, hospital fee, general anaesthetic costs and lifetime follow up care.We have worked hard to be able to offer an affordable price so patients do not feel pressured to visit under qualified practices or destination surgery. 

From $14,500

Some medicare rebates and health fund covers may apply to this procedure

The surgery

Rhinoplasties are normally performed by creating small incisions inside the nose, depending on what kind of work is being performed, and are normally performed under general anesthetic.


Narrowing the base of the nose can require the removal of tissue around the base of the nose, pulling the nostrils inward.


Narrowing the nose can involve surgically breaking the nasal bones and repositioning them inward.


Raising or reshaping the tip of the nose can require the addition, removal or repositioning of cartilage, whilst removing a hump on the nose can mean the cartilage or bone within the nose may need to be surgically shaved or broken to achieve the desired shape.

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What are the risks ?

Modern surgeries are safe, however there are still risks associated with all procedures. Possible side effects include general pain, discomfort or localised bleeding, reduced sense of smell, airway obstruction, numbness of the nose or a change in feeling after the swelling has gone down, and redness of the nasal skin.


If you are concerned about possible complications, be sure to discuss them with your surgeon.

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