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Round and Anatomical Breast Implants

Round and Anatomical Breast Implants

What is the difference between round and anatomical breast implants?



When deciding what implants to choose, there are a few factors you need to consider. Breast implants differ in size, texture, profile and shape.

During your consultation your surgeon will carry out a physical examination of your breasts and take measurements, they will then recommend a range of implants that will achieve the best result for your frame and your desired outcome. You will then have the opportunity to try on implant sizers to help you get a feel for the shape, size and weight of the breast implants.


What different shape implants are there?


There are two different shaped implants to choose from: round and anatomical (commonly known as teardrop-shaped). Both implant shapes will add volume to the breasts, but the shape of the implant you choose depends on your desired aesthetic outcome and your pre-surgery physiology.

One of our Plastic Surgeons will advise the best treatment plan for you, and this will be tailored to your personal requirements.




Round Breast Implants

Round breast implants are likely to be recommended to patients who are looking to achieve a full and rounded breast shape. Round shaped breast implants are a great option for patients who have a good amount of natural breast tissue to cover the implant. Round implants add volume to both the lower and upper pole of the chest, the upper pole does not normally have much projection without an implant.


Anatomical Breast Implants
Anatomical breast implants or teardrop breast implants typically have a textured surface and achieve a more contoured appearance that is more similar to a natural breast shape with less volume at the upper pole of the breast and more at the base. Anatomical implants are typically recommended to patients with little natural breast tissue and also to patients who are on the slender side, to prevent the appearance of a prominent profile and provide a smoother contour from the clavicle to the nipple.


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